Bike Shop

The Rosewood Bikes bike shop is located at The Rosewood Initiative’s community center at 16126 SE Stark. Our workbench, tools, and parts have been generously donated by local supporters.

We are open weekdays, Mondays by appointment and Tuesday-Friday 11am-6pm. During that time, you can bring your bike in for repairs, (donations always appreciated) and learn how to work on your own bike, too.

Rosewood Bikes Shop Policies

  • We strive to provide bike resources for everyone. We provide modestly-priced used bikes, parts, and repair services, as well as free bike repair stations and basic bike repair tools for people to work on their own bikes.
  • We generally expect everyone to pay for bikes, parts, and the work we do to fix bikes. We have the best prices in town.
  • Before we do any work, we will give you an estimate of the cost. You are expected to pay for labor and for any parts needed (at our discounted rates) when the repair is complete.

Additional Options and Discounts

  • Free bike repair stations and basic bike repair tools are available for walk-in use any time Rosewood Bikes is open.
  • With an Oregon Trail EBT card, our labor is free and you get a discounted price on parts (10% above cost).
  • During our volunteer hours (currently Wed/Thurs, 4-6pm), anyone can come in and get repairs done by our volunteers, with no cost for labor (parts at our regular prices).
  • Participate in a program with one of our partnering organizations and you may qualify for free parts, free labor, and even a free bike.